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  • SoyLove Premier 801

Soy Milk & Nuts Milk Maker - SoyLove Premier 801

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✓ One touch, fully automatic programming
✓ All round kitchen appliance
✓ Makes soymilk, soups, herbal teas, baby foods, porridge & tofu
✓ Easy to use and quick to clean up
✓ 3 year warranty


SoyLove Soy Milk Maker Product Pages

SoyLove 801 Automatic Soy Milk Maker

Make your own soy milk and nut milks at home with SoyLove

  • SoyLove Soymilk Maker 801
  • Making your own fresh soy or nut milks at home is easy and simple with the SoyLove 801 Automatic Soymillk Maker. Not only are the cost savings unbelievable, you are able to control exactly what goes into food - no more preservatives, colours or flavours; just pure, natural and delicious soy milk. In only 30 minutes, you will have over 1.5 Ltrs of fresh soy or nut milk - it could not be easier!


Automatic Programming for Perfect Results!

No more straining, over cooking, mess or fuss

  • SoyLove Soymilk Maker 801
  • The SoyLove 801 Soymilk Maker is designed to take the complication out of the equation when it comes to making your own soymilk. Making your own soymilk at home usually involves a process of soaking, blending, straining and cooking. But with the SoyLove 801 you simply pour in the soybeans, press a button and let the machine do all of the work!
    The SoyLove 801 has in-built blending blades, heating elements and a filter cup so it combines the myriad of tasks into one machine!
    The SoyLove 801 also comes with a manual strainer if you prefer your soy or nut milks with a super fine consistency.


Highest Quality Soy Milk Maker

With warranty to match...

  • SoyLove Soymilk Maker 801
  • Made in South Korea, the SoyLove soy milk machine surpasses the below average quality of the Chinese soymilk makers available on the market. Using precision designed, high performance blades made from durable Stainless Steel, the SoyLove's produce a smooth and even milk, every time.
    The SoyLove Soymilk Maker comes with a 3 year warranty, a testament to the quality and design of these machines, this is the longest warranty available on the market for a soy milk maker!


Make Soy, Nut, Oat Milks & Much More

Not just a soy milk maker...

  • SoyLove Soymilk Maker
  • The SoyLove Soymilk Maker can make not only soy milk, but it can also make a wide variety of milk alternatives from nuts, grains and pulses. The SoyLove Soymilk Maker is perfect for those with specific taste preferences or allergies. Get creative and make milk from rice, oats, cashew nuts or almonds, plus much more. The SoyLove Soymilk Maker 801 can also make fresh tofu, soup, baby food and fresh teas.
    The great thing about making your own milks is that you know exactly what goes into it, no more preservatives, additives or thickeners! You can add natural sweeteners or spices to your taste preferences.


Additional Information

Weight (kgs) 3.5500
Brands SoyLove
Model Number SL801
Frequency 50Hz
Colours Available White
Included Accessories Tofu Kit including strainer, coagulant, cloth and mold.
Domestic Warranty 3 Years
Product Weight 3.55 kg
Shipping Weight 5.75 kg
Product Dimensions L 19cm x W 24.5cm x H 31cm
Shipping Dimensions L 27.5cm x W 23cm x H 49cm
Wattage Heater: 900w / Motor: 220W
Voltage 220v
Certified CE certifed
Materials ABS, composite PP, Stainless Steel
Compatible Foods Soy Beans, Almonds, Rice, Oats, Cashews