Multi-Purpose Blender for Fruits, Ice, Smoothie & Food Blending

High Speed Blenders in Malaysia

High Speed Blenders have significantly more motor power than an average blender counterparts. They are designed to blend the toughest of ingredients from leafy greens, frozen fruits, nuts and seeds in both a domestic and commercial environment.

High Performance Blenders are multi-purpose; capable of performing a multitude of food processing tasks such as making steaming hot soup from raw ingredients in less than 10mins, crushing ice, kneading dough, making sorbet or ice-cream.

Shop our High Powered BioChef Blender

Vitality 4 Life is proud to bring you the latest BioChef Atlas Power Blender using the advanced brushless motor technology that adds further precision for delicate blending. With no carbon brushes used in the motor, it gives the blender a longer life and significantly reduces energy consumption, at a much lower noise level.

The BioChef High Performance Blender is a versatile and durable blending machine. The BioChef Blender can blend a multitude of ingredients into a fine consistency. It is both robust and more affordable than other high speed blenders on the market. This is our ‘best value’ for money blender.

Both the BioChef Atlas Power Blender & BioChef High Performance Blender offer superior performance, alongside stylish design.

Key Features to look for when choosing your blender

  • High powered motor: Over 1000w is desirable
  • Variable speeds to chop and liquefy most hard and soft ingredients. Pre-set programs are ideal for easy blending and best results
  • Jug capacity to meet the size of the family
  • Jug & blades materials: look for quality parts and BPA-free materials
  • Easy cleaning
  • Warranty coverage: a high-powered blender is a substantial investment and should last you for many years