Why green juice is good for your health?


Green juice
What Is Green Juice?

Plenty ...

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What to Buy: Centrifugal or Cold Press Juicer?

Cold Press or Centrifugal Juicer

Are you feeling confused when buying a juicer? After reading about t ...

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What Can I Make With My Left Over Pulp?

After enjoying your routine juice .... now what? It seems such a waste to just throw out the left overs. So we have included some helpful tips as the pulp can add flavour and fiber to many of your favourite dishes. These include: vegetable burgers, muffins, cakes, home-made ice cream and sorbets ...

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Make your Raw Food Diet Delicious with a Food Drier

Delicious Homemade Jerk

Do you find that a raw food diet can be a little harsh on your stomach and somewhat of a d ...

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Benefits of a Food Dehydrator

Do you know what are the benefits of a food dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is an electric appliance which uses both air and heat to remove the moisture or water content from foods. Water is what makes food spoil or go bad and without water, bacteria and mould can't grow. Bacteria, yeasts ...

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4 Gorgeous Healthy Dessert Recipes: Using your Juicer or Blender

Who can resist dessert?? It truly is one of the greatest things ever created… BUT …all that sugar and all those calories are so bad for us! Sugar is addictive, it contributes to obesity, it can lead to insulin resistance which can then lead to diabetes and a whole range of other health issues ...

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5 Super Tasty & Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Having a good breakfast can really make a difference to your day. It provides your body and brain with the necessary fuel to prepare you for the day ahead and will kick start your metabolism into gear.

Not only will it provide you with energy but your concentration levels will also increas ...

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Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas - that won't blow the diet

There seems to be a great divide between people who snack and people who don’t. Snacking, when done right can help you manage your weight and balance your diet. Smart snacking may even help you get more healthy foods into your diet so that you can reach your 5 a day! The reason snacking has suc ...

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