Why choose a Cold Press Juicer?

Why choose a Cold Press Juicer?

The concept of living juice was first introduced by Dr Norman Walker (1886-1985). His thesis was that the living enzymes in fruits and vegetables will die at temperatures which exceed 50 degrees Celsius. There are many claims that drinking fresh juice from a cold press juicer can help you lose weight, boost immunity and prevent cancer. This has not be scientifically proved… but hey with these claims why not drink it instead of coffee and sugary drinks you know are bad for you.

Traditionally the centrifugal juicer is the most common type of juicer, with this method the fruits and vegetables are being cut and ground by a blade and are exposed to heat, which removes many essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals that we want from your juice. So you have drank fresh juice before … but was it alive?

With a cold pressed juicer the fruits and vegetables are pressed using a pestle and mortar process that applies a large amount of pressure to extract the living juice directly from the fruit or vegetables. That crushing action, instead of the grinding motion of the centrifugal juicer won't oxidise or degrade the fruit and vegetables and helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. This process is the closet thing to raw, pure fruit or vegetables juice, the amount of nutrients that would otherwise be difficult to achieve just by eating raw fruits and vegetables alone.

Our body is like a sponge the cold press juice allows you to absorb the nutrients in their purest form. Raw solid foods can take hours to digest, cold pressed juices are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream.

Other reasons why you should drink juice from a cold press juicer:

  • Boost immune system
  • Increase energy
  • Heart health
  • Cleanse and detoxify
  • Well being
  • It is easier to drink a juice than eat large amounts of raw vegetables, especially if you are disinterested and not really a massive fan of veggies.

Reasons to juice

Many people eat a diet high in processed foods, along with tea, coffee and alcohol. This causes a build up of acids and metabolic waste products in the body. Celery, cucumber and cabbage are excellent to reduce acidity.
Raw juice can stimulate our bowel, liver and kidney which enables the breakdown of toxic chemicals.

More than 65% of most of the cells in the human body are made of water and in some tissues i.e. the brain is made of 80% water. Water is absorbed essentially for good health, yet most people don’t consume enough water each day. Fruits and vegetables are free of and made preservatives and are full of pure water.

When purchasing a cold press juicer you want to be sure that the juice extracted will be of the highest quality and the most amount of juice possible. At vitality 4 Life we believe that buying a cold pressed juicer is a real investment into your health and well being. Ultimately the juicer will pay for itself with the amount you will save on your grocery and health bill.

Mahli Jeffreson