BioChef Atlas Power Blender

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✓ Advanced Brushless Motor – Long Lifespan, Low Maintenance & Highly Efficient
✓ Quietest Super Blender
✓ Warranty: 10 Years on Motor, 7 Years on Parts & 1 Year Commercial
✓ Operates At 1000 Watts / 20,000 RPM
✓ BPA-Free Tritan Jug & 6 Japanese Carbon Steel Blades to Make Smoothies, Ice-Cream, Hot Soups & Much More
✓ LED Touch-Screen, 16 Different Settings Including Pulse And 5 Pre-Set Modes
Special Offer: Free specialized dry jug and silicone stopper


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BioChef Atlas Power Blender

Superior Brushless Technology – Innovative Design

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  • The BioChef Atlas Power Blender is lightyears ahead in terms of sustainable product development with ‘Brushless Motor’ technology.
    Unlike universal motors which are used in most electrical appliances, the BioChef Blender prioritises energy efficiency by using a brushless permanent magnet motor. With no brushes to replace over time, this improved design ensures a longer lifespan of your machine.
    This innovative technology significantly reduces energy consumption at a lower noise level, making it the quietest of the BioChef blenders.


Advantages of Brushless Motor Technology

Less consumption and longer life expectancy

  • Benefits of a brushless motor
  • Due to the lack of brushes, no ‘sparks’ are present in the motor so less heat is created. Most blenders automatically shut down due to overheating, but this is not a concern with the BioChef Blender.
    The motor of the Atlas Power Blender is operated by a computer, creating precise speeds for delicate blending.
    As there is no friction inside the motor, it only requires a small amount of power to work at the optimum level. The 1000 Watt motor costs less in electricity usage and offers the same performance as all other ‘super’ blenders on the market.


The Quietest Super Blender

Innovative Brushless Motor Technology

  • Brushless vs brushed motor
  • At 75-80 dB, the BioChef Atlas Power Blender is the quietest super blender available, with the average blender at 91.6 dB.
    The decibel (abbreviated dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of sound and a logarithmic scale is used, rather than a linear one.
    Unrivalled in performance, the BioChef Blender is a much-anticipated advancement in blender technology and the ideal appliance for households, cafes, juice bars and food stalls.


Optimised Touch Interaction & Smart Pre-programming

Versatility at your fingertips...

  • BioChef Atlas Power Blender Touch Screen
  • The stylish, easy to use LED control panel has 16 different settings including 8 slide controlled manual speeds, a pulse button and 5 preset functions for smoothies, ice cream, vegetable and fruits, nuts and soups.
    The computer controlled speed combinations have been specifically programmed for most successful results.
    Clean the BioChef Atlas Power Blender in moments by simply adding a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent, warm water and a soft touch on the Pulse button.


Highest Quality Materials

Good for your health and the environment

  • Blender jar with stainless steel blades
  • High Quality BPA Free BioChef Blender
  • The 2 litre BPA-Free Tritan Jug is the most advanced material for this use and virtually unbreakable and lightweight.
    Japanese carbon steel blades with 6 prongs accelerates the blending process and allows for larger or more whole ingredients to be introduced.
    While the technology for brushless motors was developed some time ago, cost has made it prohibitive for household appliance use.


High quality, longer lifespan

10 year motor warranty

  • BioChef Atlas Power Blender with Smoothie
  • Our designers and product developers have finally found the perfect combination to provide this environmentally-friendly brushless blender to our customers. We believe that it is important to offer products which are not throw away items, clogging up landfill. Instead they are long use, highest quality products to make health easy for years to come.
    The BioChef Atlas Power Blender is backed by a lengthy warranty with 10 years on the motor, 7 years on all parts & 1 year for commercial use – a true testament to the quality of this superior blender!


Additional Information

Brands BioChef
Model Number BAPB
RPM 20,000 RPM
Motor 2.5 HP
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Colours Available Black / Red / White
Included Accessories 2L Jug, Tamper, multilingual manual with recipes
Domestic Warranty 10 years on Motor / 7 years on parts / Commercial: 1 year
Product Weight 4.6 kg
Shipping Weight 7 kg
Product Dimensions L 20cm x W 28cm x H 48cm
Shipping Dimensions L 30cm x W 30cm x H 49.3 cm
Wattage 1000w
Voltage 220-240 V
Materials stainless steel , plastic casing ABS Blades: high carbon stainless steel JUG : Tritan ,tamper tool: PP Wiper : Silicone Lid : Silicone +ABS
Extra Features Presettings: Smoothie, Icecream, Vegetable, Soup, Nuts and Seeds + Pulse function and 8 manual settings
Compatible Foods Vegetables, leafy greens, ice, nuts, coffee, beans, fruit, frozen fruit, grains, seeds
Optional Extras dry jug ,silicone wiper
Decibel 75-80db
Cable Length 110 cm without plug